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Review Submitted by: Amanda Tempel

From: Fun Goodies From Zubels

Recently, we got another awesome batch of goodies from Zubels. If you haven’t seen my previous posts – I’ll just tell you now. I’m a huge Zubel fan (and so is Millie.) Zubel’s has amazing hand-knit products, that are perfect for children of all ages!

So, I’ll get right to it this time. For this review, I received a fun variety of goodies, which included: Fun summer play wear, a fun plushie, and a brand new part of Zubels – a Dimple Darling keychain.

Millie got the cutest little summer play wear outfit. It features a little crab on the front, and fun little ruffles on the butt.

And one of my favorite things of the outfit is the adorable bows up on her shoulders. I just think they add a little bit of extra fun to the outfit, and it’s something you don’t see all of the time.

Isn’t it adorable? I seriously think it’s my favorite outfit from Zubel’s so far. Plus, it really is perfect for summer. It just looks fun and cool, and it’s a fairly lightweight fabric, so even in our Florida weather, Millie won’t get overheated wearing it.

This time around, we actually got another doll, and we were so happy, because we just love the dolls. In my last review, we actually got a Little Bo Peep Doll, and it’s been one of Millie’s favorites, since we first gave it to her – And she embraced the cat, just as much as she did with Bo Peep (if not more.)

Luke and I were just cracking up, from the second we saw that we got a cat to review. Because we are a little obsessed with cats, and we just like that one of Millie’s first favorite toys, is now a cat.

Just like the other Zubel’s dolls that we have, the cat is really well made. We love that it’s hand knit, and super soft, so Millie (who LOVES to chew) can chew, safely, on it, and we don’t have to worry.

And finally, I am super excited to show you a new product from Zubel’s!

The Dimple Darlings! Isn’t she adorable?! Zubels actually has the key chain, and some tiny dolls – Which are actually are for ages 3+, since they’re so small.

I think the Dimple Darling’s are absolutely adorable, and I love, with the keychain, that you can keep it on your keys, so when your child is a little older, and you’re out and about, you have a little toy, that is always there.

Overall, I’m just as happy as I’ve ever been with Zubels. I still highly recommend the Zubels line, and I can’t wait to feature more in the future! Be sure to check the Zubels website often, and sign up for the Zubels newsletter to find the latest deals!
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