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Review Submitted by: Julie Beveridge

From: Owner/Auther

I love to see little girls in pretty dresses! Even though a lot of people think that girls in dresses is a bit old-fashioned I think there is just nothing more comfortable for them to wear while playing or out for the day.


Zubels recently sent me play clothes for the kids and included two beautiful dresses for Destini and a really cute outfit for David.


These smocked dresses are her favorites, and she wears them just about any chance she gets and often asks to have them washed special for the next day. I know that they are comfortable for her, as she only wears things willingly if they make her feel good.zu-boys-crab-applique-polo-shirt-and-shorts-set-min-300×300

She loves to spin and twirl and show us all how beautiful her dresses are with her sparkle shoes and her purse. Being in Southern California we get some strange weather this time of the year and these dresses are perfect for that. They are cool and comfortable for her and they are perfect to throw a sweater over and be warm enough for the cooler nights. zu-baby-toddler-pink-ants-watermelon-applique-dress-300×300

Having them in easy to care for and easy to wear 100% cotton, makes them so easy for us and Destini. These are the favorite party dresses and many of her friends parents have asked where we got them, and have pointed out how there are no dresses like this found in the stores anymore.

I know I can always count on Zubels to make a quality and fashionably fun product for the kids. I always seem to find what I want. When you are looking for great clothes for your kids Zubels is the place to go. Check out all of the great options they have at their website, and connect with them on their social media.




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